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reflection features the work of  Jean Nicolazzo and  Jon Laustsen.

Jean Nicolazzo’s paintings emphasize a focused, immersive attention toward stillness and how it can be captured in the fleeting moments of nature.  Her subject matter – often water – becomes both a formal and abstract consideration as she marks in time the varying, layering and dissolving strokes of color continually in flux that simultaneously remain.

Jon Laustsen’s work is of a long-term project built up primarily from scaled-down building materials, such as 2×4 lumber, cast concrete foundations and drywall.  For this exhibition he is shifting both in scale and toward the interior to engage in both an appreciation and critique of art-worldliness, work trace-lines and home-fullness.  While composing certain rhythms of shift-making in perspective and time, he’s interested in merging what seem contradictions into a fricative, off-balanced, and potentially transcendent whole.

Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, January 17th from 6 to 8 pm.  The artists will be present to discuss their work.

The exhibit runs until February 28, 2014.

Past Exhibits

Time Pieces

Time Pieces features the work of Quebec native Danielle Sauvé and Venezuelan-born Jesús Matheus.

The sculptures presented by Sauvé in this exhibit manifest the material artifacts that result from, and represent, human behavior. Employed as fabric, clay is molded (or folded) by invisible hands in repetitive procedures. When this process is halted, midstream, an entirely new territory is opened up for speculation and revelation.

The paintings by Matheus feature fresh and surprising uses of color applied to his experienced use of line and composition, resulting in a deep and sensitive geometry.

Richard Bertman

Richard Bertman is a registered architect and sculptor who has worked in the medium of welded steel and carved wood for 45 years. Through his sculptures, he explores the concept of change and how perspective is affected by change. Bertman frequently uses motors to create movement in his pieces, and even when the pieces are stationary, they express an implied movement. Humor and satire are hallmarks of his work.


The mission of the gallery @ ArtBlock is to provide high quality exhibitions of art and craft to the general public in order to contribute to the cultural vitality of the SOWA district and the City of Boston in general. With the exception of occasional special exhibits which may feature artists from other communities/geographic areas, preference shall be given to Boston-resident, BRA-certified artists.

In addition to hosting exhibits of art and craft, the gallery @ ArtBlock is available for rent for private events and gatherings.

Common Questions

> How do I show at the gallery?

The gallery@ArtBlock provides a contemporary and highly visible venue for art and crafts exhibits which normally run from four to eight weeks. Exhibits are selected through an annual call for proposals issued in the fall of each year, as well as by requests submitted on an open-call basis. If you are interested in exhibiting at the gallery, please contact us.

> How do I rent the gallery?

In addition to hosting high quality exhibits of arts and crafts, the gallery@ArtBlock is available for rental for private events and gatherings. Depending on the nature of the current exhibit, the gallery can accommodate up to 100 guests standing and up to 75 guests seated at tables. Moveable exhibit walls enable the space to be configured in different ways to accommodate private events. If you are interested in renting the gallery for a reception, fundraiser, cocktail party or other event, please contact us.

> What is the cost of renting or exhibiting at the gallery?

Fees for use of the gallery, whether for an event or an exhibition will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

>When is the gallery open?

The gallery@ArtBlock will generally be open to the public from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm on non-holiday weekdays, and during such evening and weekend hours as exhibiting artists are willing to staff the gallery, or pay for gallery sitters to staff the gallery.


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